PRNC Team Selection Forms

DEADLINE for Team Selection form submissioN
Monday 14th September 2020

Pre-Season Training Session
21st Sept, From 19:30-21:00 at KingsMead Netball Courts
Winter League 2020 - start date TBC

Please complete and submit this form to confirm you wish to play in a Princes Risborough netball team this season. 

There is a pre-season training session planned for Monday 21st Sept, from 7.30-9.00pm at Kingsmead Netball Courts.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions this session will be limited to 30 players. If you agree to attend but are subsequently unable to, please let us know ASAP so we can plan the session effectively, complying with Covid-19 risk mitigation protocols.

You must read the following documents prior to submitting your form:

1. PRNC Club Terms & Conditions
2. Appropriate Code of Conduct – Adult or Junior and Parent / Carer
3. Covid Report 1 issued by the club’s Covid-19 Officer 
4. England Netball’s Stage 4 Covid 19 Care Package 
5. England Netball’s Member Exclusive Player Care Package

If you play for a team, you must

  • read, agree to and accept the Codes of Conduct
  • be prepared to make a commitment to the club
  • be able to play regularly on the night the team is playing
  • inform the team manager at least 48 hrs in advance if you are unable to play, ensuring that the team manager has time to find a replacement
  • be prepared to carry out such duties as Scoring, Stewarding, Kingsmead jobs and attending league meetings as required by the club.

Trial Form

Read the code of conduct for your age group (Junior or Adult) and indicate whether you will adhere to the code.
Parents of Junior players must read the code of conduct and indicate whether they will adhere to it. (Adult players should select not applicable)
Junior players must seek parental consent when answering this question
Please provide dates and destinations for any holidays or travel booked.
Please ask for help if you are unsure how to enrol.
Enter your ID number here if known
Please use this field to add any other information which will assist us with selections