All players must wear the official club dress in order to play League games.  Dresses can be purchased from club stock in the first instance or purchased from our supplier Kukri Sports which opens the shop for group purchases during a two week window which usually follows Trials.

Dresses are currently priced at £37 for youth dresses (age 11-12 years) and £39.60 for adult dresses.  Both are available in Regular, Long or Extra Long lengths.  Prices may vary as supplier costs change. 

Make an enquiry about dresses in stock

Other kit (optional)

If you want to complete the look, you can order additional PRNC branded kit.  This is optional.  Just complete the form below to send your order to our kit co-ordinator who will be in touch to arrange payment and confirm your order.

Hooded PRNC branded sweatshirt - black
Black PRNC branded base layer top
Black PRNC branded base layer leggings
Black PRNC branded hat
Black PRNC branded bag